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The watches offered by Vintage Watch Collective usually come from first owners, however, some do come from other collectors or dealers, having passed through several hands before ending up with you.

With the events of the recent Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic, we are concerned about how important it is to guarantee that our products are delivered in a safe way to our customers. 

This is why our watches pass through a strict Covid FREE Delivery Protocol before they reach you:

1. Reception

When the courier company delivers us at our office the products we have bought (and that we will eventually sell), Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) such as masks and gloves are used by our staff. Same happens when we receive watches in a face-to-face delivery directly with the owner selling us the product.

2. Manipulation

After reception, our staff takes the package containing the products to a safe room in our office and a package disinfecting process is done. The products used for disinfection are harmless and environmentally friendly.

After disinfecting the package, the package is opened and the products unwrapped. The product disinfecting process now begins, being it the most critical part always taking great care not to damage or modify any aspect of the watch. Again, the products used are environmentally friendly and product-friendly. This means that it does not harm steel, gold, leather, plastic or sapphire by any means.

A special care is taken when disinfecting the part of the crystal, bearing in mind there can be leaks through it to the dial due to cracks or to a wrong installation. 

3. Preparation for delivery

When a watch is sold and the delivery process begins, another product disinfecting process is undertaken. This is because some watches are used by our staff in order to check for timekeeping. 

4. Delivery

The Covid Free Delivery Protocol upon delivery resides on the courier company. Vintage Watch Collective only works with companies with an standardized protocol that follows the recommendations of the World Health Organization.

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