Yema Yachtingraf 1st Execution   Sold

Reference: Ref. 9312

Serial: 933733

Case: All Stainless Steel

Dimensions: 39mm excluding original crown

Function: Regatta Chronograph

Caliber: Valjoux 92 Manual Wind

Strap: 19mm leather strap exact reproduction of the original one

Today, Yema Chronographs are very desirable, and there’s no wonder why. Yema is a French brand born in 1948 that quickly became famous as it is said that they launched the first automatic chronograph manufactured in their home country. With dimensions and shape similar to some “big” watches like the Heuer Autavia or early Speedys and racing/regatta dials, this chronographs have rapidly become a sought after collectors and will continue to be.































This piece is a 1st Execution Yachtingraf that dates from the early 60s. Aesthetically, these 1st Execution Yachtingrafs, being the most sough-after ones, differ from the later executions because of the big eye regatta sub register; it has a bright blue color on a silver background whereas the later versions had a not so pronounced blue on white background. This example has a desired and well-proportioned 39mm (excluding crown) all stainless steel First Execution Heuer Autavia 2446 type of case. Now, if you add a Heuer Skipper-regatta-like dial, this is what you get. It also has the original bi-directional diver rotating bezel (hard to fins nowadays as you mostly see them with aftermarket replacements with no lume and bigger hour markers) that still conserves the lume triangle at 12 intact and with a gorgeous patina. Talking about lume and patina, the lume on these usually aged to a gray-ish or green-ish color. However, this one has built up a gorgeous patina on the lume; hour markers, bezel and hands not have just aged to that desired brown color, but what makes this one stand out the crowd, is that all of it is matching throughout the watch.


Add a black matte dial in awesome condition and, can you really imagine something more beautiful than this for this price?


Just to add more value to it; it is powered by the robust Valjoux 92, again, being a sign that it is one of the sough-after 1st executions. The case is in very good condition with no signs of polishing, same as the case back that preserves all of the printing clearly visible but with some tool and wear marks.


It comes on an exact reproduction of the original strap, as you can see on many advertisements of the time.