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VINTAGE WATCH COLLECTIVE'S blog is under construction!

Updated: Feb 7, 2023


We are building something cool. JOIN US!

Buying Guides - Fashion & Trends - Market -

Deep into - Hands on -

Editor's Choice - Interviews

...Are you a blog writer?

If you have cool ideas for the categories above and want to become a guest writer...

Keep reading!

What do we offer to our Guest Writers at VINTAGE WATCH COLLECTIVE?

Specific Blog Post SEO

We make your post get found in search engines.

Basic SEO:

Add an URL slug

Add a title tag


Social Media:

Open Graph (og) tags like title and description

Blog image for social media previews

Twitter specific actions

Advanced SEO:

Structured data mark ups

Metatag robots

Additional tags

Writer Profile Page

You will have your own editable public Profile Page in our website.

Apart from common information fields, your Profile Card will have optional links to Social like Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, TikTok or Youtube, and also to your website so that viewers can know you and your work better.

Email marketing

When your blog post is published, we will send an email marketing campaign to all of our contacts.

Instagram and Facebook marketing

When your post is published, we will announce it in our Instagram account as a post and as a Story with a direct link to it. The story will be repeatedly published every now and then in our Instagram stories. Both the post and the stories will be shared in Facebook too.

TikTok marketing

As well as promoting it on Instagram, we will also publish your post in our TikTok account with a direct link.

Our stats

Website traffic (without a blog)

5000 site sessions per month

9000 page views per month

4000 unique visitors per month

3 minute average session duration

Expected data increase with blog: x2 in the short-term


More than 20k followers

Average of 1000 views per story with a 5% click on links rate

Instagram Ads campaign currently running


Almost 5000 followers

Facebook Ads currently running


Almost 1000 followers

Reaching up to 50k views in posts

TikTok Ads campaigns frequently running


Let us know bellow!

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