Breitling Navitimer ‘Old Navitimer II’ A13022   2.700.-€

Reference/Model: A13022

Case: All Stainless Steel

Dimensions: 41.5mm without crown

Function: 12 Hour Chronograph

Caliber: Breitling cal. 13 Automatic (base Valjoux 7750)

Strap: 1Breitling Navitimer original stainless steel bracelet

In addition to watches like the Rolex Daytona and the Omega Speedmaster, the Navitimer from Breitling is without a doubt one of the greatest and most important chronographs of all time, given its rich history, rugged beauty, and synonymity with quality. While Breitling produces the Navitimer in wide range of different variants today, it’s worthwhile to look back at the origins of this pilot’s chronograph, to see where the brand’s designers are currently looking to for inspiration.


The Navitimer’s story begins in 1952, when Breitling manufactured a stainless steel chronograph, with a black dial that featured the emblem of the “Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association”, or as it’s more commonly known, the AOPA. Especially desirable early examples were powered by either the Venus 178 or the Valjoux 72 – both workhouse, manually wound chronograph movements.


These watches were effectively born out of a partnership between Breitling and the AOPA, since Breitling saw the sizeable interest for a professional pilot’s chronograph equipped with a number of useful scales surrounded by a slide rule bezel, and many members of the AOPA were among those interested. From then on, Breitling would continue to produce both functional and beautiful Navitimer pilot’s chronographs, that would be worn by tasteful collectors, and celebrated by professional pilots. Today, rare vintage Navitimer references will often sell for astonishing prices at auction.


This model has been replaced by the Current Navitimer with the Tri-Compax totalizer layout, with Breitling 23 movement. Essentially the same movement but modified for a different layout. The Breitling Old Navitimer II was introduced in 1992 and produced until 2002. This particular model is one of the first examples dating back to 1994. It features a very nice blue dial and a robust steel case. The sapphire crystal has no scratches but it has a thin interior coating of what seems to be dust stuck to the crystal in some parts, however it’s hardly appreciable. The case has some scratches due to use and a more noticeable bump on the side of one of the lugs. Every part of the watch is original, including the stainless steel bracelet that also have signs of use. The watch is running good and keeping time. It comes with all the goodies except the guarantee card. These include: inner box, outer box, all booklets as shown on pictures and even the box where the bracelet came (it was originally sold with both leather strap and steel bracelet).


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