Aquastar Deepstar 'Rally' Chronograph by Duward   Sold

Reference/Model/Serial: 500421

Case: All Stainless Steel

Dimensions: 38mm excluding original signed crown

Function: Chronograph

Caliber: Valjoux 23 Manual Wind

Strap: 19mm original Tropic strap with original

            Aquastar steel buckle

Hands down to the best example of an Aquastar Deepstar chronograph.


These vintage diver chronograph are without a doubt one of the most sought after pieces and a true grail.


The Aquastar Deepstar came in three versions signed by Lorenz, Duward and the own Aquastar and it is full of history as it was one of the watches used by Jacques Cousteau and his crew on the Calypso. Apart from this significant history fact, it´s dial is unique, especially for two characteristics: one of the largest ‘big eye’ seen on a vintage watch, and for the particular left sub with a not so common hand without any circular markings.


This specific example we are proud to offer here is cobranded by Duward for the Spanish market and it also comes with the ‘Rally’ printing underneath making it even rare if possible. We have seen not more than 5-6 pieces with this cobranding nowadays, an about 30 pieces of the Deepstar altogether. This piece here is original in every single part; the dial and hands appear with original lume and a breathtaking pumpkin patina, the subdial and dial are absolutely flawless with any marks or misprinting. The crown is original and signed and also is the Valjoux 23 movement bridge. The case is sharp and unpolished as well as the case back.


If this is not enough, well…then I would just finish by telling you that this is the only piece ever known to be found with its original Tropic strap and Aquastar buckle.